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Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves mouth-blasting food with big ambitions from Chinese, North Indian, Andhra, Telangana & Karnataka cuisines.


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Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani
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For over 8 years now, Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani has been the leader in bringing homely Telugu Biryani cuisine to a comfortable restaurant setting. Founder Mr . K VARA NAIDU started Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani in the year 2016 with the vision to bring happiness along with authentic taste to all the food lovers.

With 30+ locations across ANDHRA PRADESH , TELANGANA & KARNATAKA, Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani is one of the first names that comes to mind for authentic Biryani. Each dish on the menu is flavourful and brings us closer to our traditional roots besides making your taste buds happy. Handpicked spices, farm-fresh ingredients, experienced chefs and the experience of delivering a warm food lovers.


Founder Message

Naidu Gari kunda Biryani was established in 2016. Within no time, we found our way to consumers’ hearts and the business quickly expanded. We opened this restaurant with a vision to provide the best authentic, tasty, and yet pocket-friendly Biryani and other dishes to the general public. Our expertise in making specialized food comes from our experience, research, knowledge and skills due to which we got a very good response from the beginning and Naidu Gari kunda Biryani also became a synonym for the best service wherever we open our outlet

What makes Naidu Gari kunda Biryani different from other brands?

My answer is ―We work for you - the customer, keeping in view your interests in finding new tastes‖

Vara Naidu, Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani Founder
Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani Owner, Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani CEO, Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani MD, Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani Managing Director

We knew that restaurants would have to work hard to keep the food lovers happy and engaged. This requires lot of attention, research and efforts. We take it as a pride to invent new flavors that reach everyone in every nook and corner of India. Every customer of our restaurant, till date is happy with the food and the service we provide. In fact, happiness should be shared with everyone and that is the reason we also started franchising our brand to many people who has got the same zeal as us. It is a transformational and exciting time at the Naidu Gari kunda Biryani as we have entered a new era of franchising our brand to those who are interested to become an entrepreneur, who wants to share with all of you, the happiness and tastes of our food.

Each area has a distinct culture, distinct traditions, unique challenges and opportunities which reflect in the food habits of the public. Our approach is to understand and evaluate the situation, find out the appropriate solution then determine the best course of action in setting up the franchise. We are truly unique in our ability to maximize the performance of our franchises, run very efficient operating margins; while balancing the need to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Our Team

Vara Naidu

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Satya K

Chief Operating Officer

Lakshmi Bhargavi

Chief Financial Officer

Mani Teja

Chief Operating Officer

Vamsi Chennupati

Operations Coordinator

Anil Kumar Vengalasetty

Chief Advisor

Karthik Reddy V

Customer Relationship Manager